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Actions are all activities of which the aim is to present results from research and development as well as innovative products. This happens on the one side by events (exhibitions, fairs, competitions, shows, concerts, etc.) and on the other side with the help of publications and media relations work for print media as well as film, TV, radio, Internet and electronic media. The actions will be developed and implemented in cooperation with partners.

The combination of actions will be harmonized with the theme of each stop and stage (
technology, nature, and society)

Propositions for Actions

Exhibition of innovative drive train systems
Tribute concert for drug aid programs
Races fuel cell powered cars
Campaign for the support and promotion of intangible culture
Kite boat races with boats made of recycled materials
Art exhibition "waste in art – from Duchamp via Beuys to the present (theatre performance, photo exhibition)
Sailing workshop for tolerance
Flight show of solar powered aircraft
Competitions for student research projects
Patronage for newly discovered animal and plant species
Meeting of world circumnavigators
Campaign for the protection of endangered species
"Live" Interaction between students and researchers via video phone

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