Themes Projects Actions
Program NOVARA-expedition™

The interests of partners from
business, research, public institutions, and NGO's determine

the program

the themes from
technology, nature, and society

at 30 stops and 29 stages world-wide.

in the form of elements projects, actions, and extras (publications, films, merchandise)

Specific aspects at the stops are illustrated in the form of exhibitions, research projects, conferences, workshops, cultural events, and trainings. These projects and actions will be jointly developed by partners and NOVARA-expedition™ and in a next step coordinated amongst each other to reach the optimal positioning at the stops and on board the ship.

1 Program
3 Themes
30 Stops
/29 Stages
200 Elementes
(Projects, Actionen, and Extras)

theme technology

Innovative drive train concepts – sustainable concepts
theme of this stop)

Energy saving drive train technology
fuel cell, hybrid-systems, hydrogen engine…
exhibition of European top performers

1) Race
fuel cell powered vehicles in the center of Trieste
2) Regatta
innovatively powered ship prototypes
3) Flight show
of solar powered aircraft

Accompanying exhibitions:
„Innovation on the HM Novara from 1857–1859“,
gala evening: „Meeting of world circumnavigators“

Kick-off event

1 congress
1 panel discussions
2 workshops
(T) (S)
3 research projects
(N) (T) (N)
1 exhibition
1 meeting
2 farewell parties
4 press conferences
(T) (N) (S) (T)
2 film presentations
(T) (N) (projected on the sail)

5 hours of live reporting from the NOVARA-mediacenter™

Stage program
Trieste – Gibraltar:

Tests of innovative ship prototypes on sea

alternative drive train technologies – environmental impact, capacity, adaptation scenarios, national and international promotion.

theme nature

Environmental technology and Mega-Cities (theme of this stop)

Innovative solutions for the environment industry

Waste and waste water reduction
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)

Kite boat race on the Huangpu river
Construction of the boats from recycled materials

Supporting programme:
1 art exhibition
2 research projects
(N) (N)
2 workshops
(T) (N)
2 receptions on board the NOVARA-explorer™
(T) (N)
6 press conferences
(T) (N) (N) (T) (S) (N)
2 film presentations
(T) (N) (projected on the sail)

5 hours of live reporting from the NOVARA-mediacenter™

Congress and exhibition:
Mega-Cities – „World Architecure“, Migration, and the globalized Society

Stage program
Shanghai – Mariana Islands:

Maritime consequences of Mega-Cities – collection of soil and water samples

Discussion forum:
Mega-Cities in comparison. Opportunity or threat for society – architecture, economy, society, and ecology.
theme society

Life Science – humans and science
(theme of this stop)

„Red Biotechnology“ pharmaceuticals and vaccines, diagnosis, and treatment methods

Tribute concert for the benefit of drug aid programs

Panel discussion:
world feeding, health, and herbal gene resources – functional food in contrast to food with organic ingredients

Supporting programme:
2 workshops
(S) (S)
3 research projects
(N) (N) (N)
4 press conferences
(S) (N) (S) (T)
2 film presentations
(G) (G) (projected on the sail)

5 hours of live reporting from the NOVARA-mediacenter™

The program suggestions from above are of illustrative nature and are not fixed yet.

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