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"Globalisation as a Positive Force"

The circumnavigation as a platform for:
projects and actions
in the areas of
technology, nature, and society

In the search for:
Innovation, research, and communication

With the goal:
Sustainability by innovation

as a worldwide exhibition for research and technology


The enterprise NOVARA-expedition™ combines the scientific research projects with actions in the communication area. A sailing ship equipped with state-of-the-art technology will serve as a basis.

Research in the form of projects are:
e.g. research projects, scientific conferences, workshops, data collection, combinations of already running projects, cooperations, trainings, expert lectures, etc.

Communication in the form of actions are:
e.g. exhibitions, fairs, competitions, events, concerts, cultural events, product presentations, press conferences, panel discussions, sport events, receptions, etc.

This idea is best implemented and represented in the NOVARA-explorer™ and its world circumnavigation. The route consists of 30 stops, including Cape Town, Mascat, Chennai (Madras), Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and Boston.

The ship is equipped with the NOVARA-lab™, the NOVARA-mediacenter™, and the NOVARA-forum™. On board and at the stops projects and actions will take place during a two-year period.

1 Program
3 Themes
30 Stops/29 Stages

200 Elements
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