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The sailing-ship NOVARA-explorer™

The idea of innovation of NOVARA-expedition™ is best visualized and transmitted globally by a sailing-ship. An expedition on a sailing-ship stands for

The sailing-ship NOVARA-explorer™ is the basis for the NOVARA-expedition™ and serves as the mobile infrastructure for this endeavor. Among many innovations on the ship is the idea of a zero-emission energy system. This "swimming energy island" presents clearly the interaction of optimized "zero emission" energy- generation, storage, and use.

Ship Infrastructure

The NOVARA-explorer™ contains the modules NOVARA-lab™, NOVARA-forum™, and NOVARA-mediacenter™.


The core of the lab are two laboratories
(each about 15 m2). Every laboratory offers an Internet connection, refrigerating facilities and generous power supply for the laboratories instruments; freshwater/seawater supply and drainage lines; and a tared surface for the microscope. For special projects cabins can be adapted as laboratories. The cabins also contain modern power outlets and communication facilities.


The panel-like atmosphere of the NOVARA-forum™ on board the ship offers the possibility to prepare themes in a concentrated way and without any disturbances. NOVARA-forum™ provides as infrastructure two conference rooms for up 20 people each. There, conferences, workshops, and trainings can be held, to create innovations by interdisciplinary dialogue. On selected stages and stops secondary school and university students may be integrated.


The core of the NOVARA-mediacenter™ is a multimedia workplace with satellite connection. The team of the NOVARA-mediacenter™ disposes of a modern photo and film equipment for the documentation of the whole journey. Further more the NOVARA-mediacenter™ can be used by accompanying film, TV, and radio crews for broadcasting.

Further more 12 cabins with each 2 berth for up 24 passengers are available. The crew is accommodated in a special area of the boat. Presumably cabins for individuals will only be available on few selected stages. Cabins for research personnel working on projects will be prioritized over cabins for individuals.

Ship Options

Two ships, each about 50 m long and 10 m wide are suitable for the endeavor. The existing "Pedro Doncker" and the "Siddhartha", that would have to be build.

The Sloop „Siddhartha“

The sloop "Siddhartha" is a 50 m long single-masted sailing-boat with the mast being 60 m tall. The ship is planed according to the latest requirements for sailing-ships and built with the newest materials and technologies.

"Siddhartha-Concept " was awarded the first prize for design at the "Montecarlo Boatshow 2004". Besides its esthetic Quality it spacious hull adapts easily to the special needs of NOVARA-expedition™. The Siddhartha is best solution for the infrastructure modules of NOVARA-expedition™.

according to the Siddhartha Concept
Length: 50 m
Width: 10 m
Mast height: 62 m

The „Pedro Doncker“

The "Pedro Doncker" is a trawler build in the 70's, that has been adapted as a sailing ship, but also provides a modern rig. Starting in 2006 the ship will be further modernized and adapted according to the requirements of the Germanischen Lloyd for Hochseesegln.

The „Pedro Doncker“ is one of 40 ships owned by „Traditional Sailing Charter BV“ (T-S-C), a German-Dutch ship owning company.

Pedro Doncker
Length: 47 m
Height: 7.5 m
Mast height: 28 m

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