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"Globalisation as a positive force"

NOVARA-expedition™ is active in the business areas of research organisation and communication. The business objective is to set standards for trend-setting research, testing, experimenting, and thinking. Furthermore these rewards and results of are to be communicated world-wide to the specific target groups. The central entrepreneurial achievement is to combine these often separated areas.

This connection is best illustrated by the innovatively built ship NOVARA-explorer™ and its world circumnavigation.

Based on the 2002 exhibition "The world of discovery - the discovery of the world" in the Künstlerhaus/Natural History Museum Vienna the basic idea for a Novara project was developed. With the impulse from David Weiss the enterprise was further developed. Philipp Kreidl, Christoph H. Benedikter, and Peter Rohrbacher mostly conceived and designed the project NOVARA-expedition™.

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